About Us


halibut is a new jewelry brand, bringing together the noble tradition of jewelry art and contemporary Italian design.
The halibut customer is refined, demanding, strong in personality. S/he loves a clear, distinguished style, and natural, charismatic elegance.
An halibut jewel is the product of craftsmanship and glamour.
Be it a symbol of fascinating city life or of exotic shelters, a halibut creation is a token
of the best Made-in-Italy originality.

halibut jewels are rigorously unisex and handcrafted by Italian master jewelry makers.
Their competence gives birth to the unconventional quality and style of each halibut piece.



A challenge.
To the world. To time. To themselves. This is their way.
Creatures of asphalt and sand, they are. Of stone and metal.
Daring, nonconformist, sophisticated, they have secret roots connecting them with the wisdom of men and women who, in ancient times, adorned themselves with jewels. halibut people do not appear. They just are. They dominate contemporary life. They move around us and to capture their gaze is a privilege



Simplicity. Elegance. They are said
to confront everyday ordeals like circus artists.

With clear skill
they go beyond limits, acting with utmost, natural grace.
Like masters of force and gravity –
since time immemorial.



Predators of their age. City animals. They emanate energy, charm, determination.

They may suddenly disappear. And reach for their roots. In their agenda you always find a flight to a destination
promising golden beaches, or a challenge to the big blue,
or the thrill of new paths in the mountains.
Once back, they wear signs of it.
A halibut jewel is the trace of a remarkable,
unconventional relationship to oneself, to life, to nature.
A refined ornament, and more than that. A style amulet,
ancient and modern, to be seen under a pair of immaculate cuffs.