About Us


Unisex. Handmade. With that mix of professionalism, ingenuity and expertise that has made 'made in Italy' famous all over the world. A brand and a logo born to emphasize the peculiarity of the creations, with a deliberately simple graphics, easy to memorize and recognize.


Union of female and male symbols.
The vast majority of female symbols are related to soft shapes, while male symbols are more linear.

Female symbol: The Circle
Expression of cyclicity, the circle is the main symbol of the female biological matrix. It has neither a beginning nor an end. Everything comes together, to start over every time. So is the cyclic time of women: the monthly menstrual cycle, the hormonal cycle of fertile life. Circle as an expression of the maternal womb. Circle as an expression of Union and interconnection. In circular forms – in nature, in the cosmos, in the female body, in architectural structures, in art-there is a sense of welcome and completeness. There is the harmony of a space without breaks, without edges.

Male symbol: The line
It is the main symbol of the male biological matrix: linear as the path that sperm follow heading towards the egg, like the erect penis. Expression of sequentiality, the line continues along a straight path. It always goes in the same direction. It has a starting point and it has an ending point. In the first line there is a thing, an aspect of reality,a given. And then there's another one. You start from a precise point with the aim of getting somewhere else. Unlike the circle, the beginning and the end do not rejoin. The line symbolizes the routes drawn by the male: to reach the goal, to achieve a goal, to proceed. When you follow a line things do not start again, they do not repeat as in the circular path. In the line there is a continuous proceeding.

Bringing it back to the HALIBUT jewelry

New materials marry new designs, games of colors and styles make halibut jewelry a fashion object in which creativity meets the refinement and attention of 'made In Italy'. For a jewel that becomes a beloved and seductive accessory to wear every day combining it with clothes and personality.


The halibut style is inspired by ancient jewelry, which our stylists wisely reinterpret following the quality and taste of contemporary design. In ancient times men, women and children used to adorn themselves with jewel beads, created from natural stones. They loved these small, perfect color balls, which they infinitely combined. Tiny lucky charms, these jewels were: secretly therapeutic ornaments, symbolic kaleidoscopes, amulets that pleased both eyes and hands. Simply wonderful to look at, and to touch. They promised men, women and children an outstanding, extraordinary, unconventional life. Which they still do. Each halibut jewel is handcrafted in silver and natural stones.

Each piece is a unique constellation of stones and colors, as well as of taste and significance. Ancient in inspiration, original in quality, unconventional as the person wearing it.
A halibut jewel is a precious token of Made-in-Italy creativity.