House of Halibut

Designed by the architect Enza Consonni, the shop presents an essential and clean furnishing, like the lines of the bracelets Halibut, presented in eight display cases. Visitors welcome three tables in lacquered wood with antique bronze effect, embellished with an elegant decoration, with all around chairs in glass­colored fiberglass pouf. A String Garden (rope garden) with orchids and aromatic plants, ellebori winter and fruit trees, enriches the wooden beams of the nineteenth-century ceiling.

Fish and flying plants, low lights, the color of the sand walls with bright specks, an atmosphere that brings the "visitor" into an imaginary world, where attention is paid it will then be kidnapped by jewels, the true protagonists of space.

This is the idea of project in short, an idea that comes from the feeling you want to communicate to who wears the bracelet, that of being able to "escape " in a relaxing space where natural materials are a source of well-being for the mind. The space is essentially developed for two different functions: the first part of the Local is the real shop, with display cases and two tables for describe the products in comfort, the second part of the place, divided from the first through a scenic backdrop in moss (stabilized moss) it is a lab, that is a collected space (a single table ) for the study of bracelets and personalized necklaces.


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